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Back sealing pp bags

The back seal bag, also known as the middle seal bag, is a special term for the packaging industry. Simply speaking, it is the bag that seals the edges on the back of the bag. The back seal bag has a very wide range of applications. It can be used as a food bag, mainly for product packaging, storage of food, and medicine. Cosmetics, frozen food and so on, moisture-proof, waterproof, anti-insect, to prevent product scattered, can be reused, gently press will seal the strict, non-toxic, tasteless, flexible, sealing at will, very convenient.

 Mainly advantages:

1. Compared with other packaging forms, the back seal bag has no edges on both sides of the bag body, so it ensures the complete design of the front side of the package and is more beautiful.

2. Typography can be designed to bag design as a whole, can maintain picture coherence.

3. Because the seal is on the back, both sides of the bag can bear more pressure, reducing the possibility of package breakage.

4. The packing bag of the same size adopts the form of back seal and the total length of seal is the smallest, which also reduces the probability of sealing crack in a certain sense.

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